Dickinson State University fall enrollment increases

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DICKINSON, N.D. - There are more students at Dickinson State University this semester. Enrollment is up five percent.

This fall, DSU has nearly 1,400 students enrolled - 69 more than last fall. DSU faculty says the increase may be due to a larger number of transfer students.

"We have merit scholarships for our students. I think that was very attractive to our transfer students. And geographically we went to Arizona, we went to California, w went some places where we knew we had programs that had wait lists in other states that we didn't," says Dr. Melanie Tucker, VP of Student Affairs and Enrollment.

Students say that the increase is a reason to celebrate.

"The fact that there's going to be more students is really exciting," says Beau Beasley, sophomore.

They say a more populated campus creates a better social environment and learning environment.

"It's a really close, tight-knit family around here. I think it's really great," says Beasley.

"More of a community. More people involved. Just a better environment for everyone. I think that if there's more people, more diversity," says Gabby Hossac, senior.

But despite the increase in almost 70 students, some say the campus feels like a ghost town.

"I feel like there's less students here, less social interaction, less going on. All of that stuff," says R.J. Magar, senior.

"Nowhere really with TVs or couches that everyone can hang around," says Hossac.

DSU faculty says they are working on new and innovative ideas to spark more diversity and vibrancy at the school.​