Dickinson School Board approves purchasing new buses

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DICKINSON, N.D. - Monday night the Dickinson School Board approved the purchase of four new school buses for the district.

The board approved four 77 passenger route buses that will be used for regular day-to-day transportation.

They have a fleet of about 30 plus route buses, so in order to keep that fleet up to date they have to rotate out buses.

Assistant Superintendent Keith Harris says the buses typically last 12 to 14 years, so by replacing two to three buses a year it helps keep the fleet up to date.

“We can't help them learn if we can't get them to school, and this is with the weather and that, that we have in North Dakota and that having that safe and reliable transportation system is critical," said Harris.

Two of those buses are for replacements and the other two are to help accommodate growth within the district.

Along with the two extra buses, two new routes will be added as well. The district hopes to have these by fall of this year.