Dickinson Public Works Department hits the streets during snow storm

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DICKINSON, N.D. - Dickinson got 10 inches of snow Monday, and there's more on the way, but the city's Public Works Department was on the street before snow even touched the ground.

The number of roads in Dickinson have nearly doubled since the 1980s.

"We have a considerable amount of additional roadway than we had a couple of years ago, including the interim bypass and some of these others," says Public Works Director Gary Zuroff.

The number of employees with the Public Works Department has remained the same, but Director Gary Zuroff says that doesn't stop them from getting the job done on snow days like this one.

His team has been out since 9 p.m. Sunday gearing up before snow even hit the ground.

"We had three trucks out last night doing what we call pre-wetting," says Zuroff.

Zuroff says employees from the water, waste and storm division all work together during snow storms.

They've gotten bigger pieces of equipment throughout the years to handle the number of roads.

"We have our loaders out, we've got every piece of equipment that we can use out with the street department today,"says Zuroff.

The department clears main roads like ND-22 first. But Zuroff still recommends staying off the streets if possible.

"The wind is going to blow, and some of those roads are going to be very icy and slick. So it would be better if you stay off the roads," says Zuroff.

He says they are considering issuing a travel advisory Tuesday for the city.

Dickinson's Solid Waste Department will not be collecting garbage until Wednesday morning due to the snowfall.