Dickinson Police Host Training Program at Dickinson State University

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Police from all over the country are taking part in a 10-week training at Dickinson State University.
The Dickinson Police Department is hosting the training.

This isn't your ordinary college classroom.

This is the Northwestern University School of Police Staff and Command, being hosted by the Dickinson Police Department.

The training is 400 hours and equivalent to 6 college courses.

"Extremely different than what I'm used to. I haven't been in college for 25 years, so it's a little different for me," said Sgt. Joel Peterson

Sgt. Joel Peterson with the South Dakota Highway Patrol and his classmates will be learning about problem management, job design, resource allocation, and other topics during the training.

"Going through this class is one of those ways as a community throughout the U.S. In law enforcement that we can come together in some of the battles that we face," said Sgt. Joel Peterson

But that's not all they'll be doing.

Police from all over the country will be living like college students for the next seven weeks. Eating in the cafeteria, sleeping in dorms, and taking classes on the DSU campus.

Sgt. Nicholas Gates says he wants to apply what he learns to the changing dynamics of the Dickinson Police Dept.

"The oil boom forced our hand into becoming a much larger department and dealing with a much larger group of people very quickly. We need to prepare ourselves if that ever happens again."

The class graduates on July 29th.