Dickinson Mayor and City Commissioners sworn in

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Dickinson's new mayor and city commissioners are now in office.

With almost 52 percent of the vote, Scott Decker was sworn in as Dickinson's new mayor June 28.

The first item on his agenda...

"Crafting the budget for next year," said Decker.

Decker says the city's budget shortfall is his biggest priority.

"We're gonna have a lot of decisions to be made on where we're going to prioritize money. And another thing was paying down the debt," said Decker.

He says he also wants to focus on addressing the city's lighting and road issues.

"We have a big project on State that's getting finished right there. Then we're going to address some light issues on some of the intersections. And then some control features for traffic," said Decker.

City Administrator Shawn Kessel says he is excited to work on quality-of-life improvement projects with Decker and continue their working relationship.

"He's got the background to do it. He has a very strong military background. He was a land man, so he's also got a very strong oil background, so I'm confident in his abilities to lead the city in a strong direction," said Kessel.

Decker was sworn in with incumbent City Commissioner Carson Steiner and newcomer Sarah Jennings.

Jennings says her priority for the commission is taking care of Dickinson's youth.

"For so long Dickinson lacked. All the young people were leaving. Now that we don't have those same oil producing jobs, that's going to be a concern. Quality of life is number one. Looking at revitalizing Dickinson," said Jennings.

Jennings says the city budget is also her main concern.

The city commission will be attending a mission, vision and values retreat on July 11 and 12 to discuss the future of the city. ​