Dickinson High students show skills to local businesses

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DICKINSON, N.D. - With about 13,000 available jobs in North Dakota, companies might need to look to a younger generation. About 50 business leaders and community members toured the school, seeing what students could offer their business.

Tyson Praus and his classmates at Dickinson High are readying themselves for the workforce.

"Show the businesses that we do have competent people and it's not just a bunch of lollygagging freeloaders. We are here and we are looking for jobs,” said Praus.

Dickinson High’s Career and Tech showcase helps connect business leaders to a work supply they didn't know existed. Senior Kody Johnson is confident what he's learned will take him far.

"I think these skills are something a lot of people should learn and I think especially it will help me as I keep going in the world. Probably make some new friends, new connections and maybe land me a good job,” said Johnson.

Stark County will need the kids to be ready day one after graduation. According to Job Service North Dakota, the county had 3 percent more jobs in October of 2017 than 2016. Keith Huschka, who owns Precision Machine, went through a similar program when he was in high school.

"We recognize people's talents and put them to work and expand on them. The potential for people's growth to come at any age is often there,” said Huschka.

This is the first showcase Dickinson High has had. Teachers say they're going to look and see how this one went and make changes for next year.