Dickinson City Commission approves funding for proposed veteran's building

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DICKINSON, N.D. - Veterans' groups in Dickinson don't have their own space to meet, but that may change with the construction of a new building.

The city commission approved funds for a veterans building in the city's Memorial Park.

The proposed 300,000-square-foot building would be a space for veterans' groups to meet and host other programs.

The commission unanimously approved up to $200,000 for the building.

"They'll have a place to go, a place to meet. They don't really have that today. You look around in communities that are a larger size than Dickinson, there's often not only one but maybe two or three places that veterans have on their own so they can meet, and talk, and host their meetings," said city administrator Shawn Kessel.

Kessel says construction on the veterans' building could start as early as next year. ​