Dickinson summer camps keep kids cool in hot weather

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DICKINSON, N.D. - Temperatures went past 100 in Dickinson July 20.

It was so hot that multiple camps had less than half of their campers show up.

"Our numbers are way down today. We actually had to combine two teams to make one team in order for us to be able to play their baseball games today," says Chental Urlacher, tee-ball supervisor, Dickinson Parks and Rec.

But for those children who did show up.

"You can definitely tell that kids energy is down on days like this," says Urlacher.

On a hot day like this, an empty playground isn't a strange sight to see. But camps around Dickinson are making sure that kids stay cool and have fun at the same time.

Counselors moderate activities and take frequent water breaks.

"We try to work with them on the swings a little bit more, so they're not doing as much running around. And we try to get them hydrated. Very important to make sure the kids get water in them," says Wilson McLaughlin, recreation supervisor, Dickinson Parks and Rec.

They also play water games, and keep children in cool places as much as possible.

"It is too hot that we are keeping them in shaded areas. I know parents sometimes decide whether they want to bring their kids or not for the purpose of it being too hot, and we totally understand," says Alissa Karsky, program coordinator, Dickinson Parks and Rec.

The CDC also suggests applying children's sunscreen 30 minutes before they go outside. ​