Despite being largest school district in ND, Bismarck has 10th highest mill levy

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BISMARCK, N.D. - In a financial report released on Monday, Bismarck Superintendent Jason Hornbacher said that Bismarck is the largest school district in the state, but has the 10th highest mill levy.

The superintendent spoke about the efficiencies that they find to lower expenses for the Bismarck taxpayer. He also asked the school board to consider a five mill increase. That would mean about another $45 a year for someone whose property is worth $200,000.

"I'm asking for a mill levy increase, and I know that's a lot to ask of the community, and I ask that difficult question on behalf of all of the kids and families of Bismarck," said Hornbacher.

​This increase would leave Bismarck as the ninth highest mill levy in the state.

The school board may be able to implement a five mill increase without taking it to the voters.