Des Lacs-Burlington education referendum

The superintendent of Des Lacs- Burlington, Christopher Bachmeier says he wants what any educational superior would want for their students.

"What we want to do is we want to provide education to the kids today so when they leave our building and go out into the real world, that they're as successful as anyone could possibly be" said Bachmeier.

Which would come down to an 11.9 million dollar project, building a junior high wing to Des Lacs High School.

"By changing the building our staff that is up here can teach them, where they can't now because of the logistical standpoint of sending teachers down or shipping kids up back and forth. It just doesn't work out" said Bachmeier.

If the vote passes, residents with a median-valued home would see a property tax hike of about $180 per year. But Bachmeier says that voters should think about the students and their futures.

"We just want people to come out and vote because we want as a school district we get guidance from our tax payers and the voters as to what way they want us to go as a school district" said Bachmeier.

Regardless of Tuesdays outcome, seventh and eighth graders will move out of Burlington.

"If it doesn't happen, we're going to look at maybe moving our junior high students up into portables like we currently have. The junior high students are coming up regardless" said Bachmeier.

A vote that impacts the futures of students in two cities.

Bachmeier told parents that if the proposal goes through, a person with a two hundred thousand dollar home would be paying fifty cents a day. Voting will take place next Tuesday, November 14th at Des Lacs - Burlington High School and Burlington - Des Lacs Elementary School.