Des Lacs-Burlington School District prepares for virtual learning

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DES LACS, N.D. - Teachers and staff in the Des Lacs-Burlington School district are getting ready for their first day back to school.

However, they'll be welcoming students back online.

For teachers like Mary Eldredge-Sandbo, Tuesday will not be just another school day.

"Teachers are just figuring out the best way to help our students continue their learning in this new format," said Eldredge-Sandbo.

The Des Lacs-Burlington School District is preparing for distance learning starting Tuesday.

Teachers and administrators began working last week on how to transfer their in-classroom curriculums into online formats.

Some teachers will be using tools students are already familiar with like Google Classroom.

"It's not going to be completely new to students because they've used the online learning tools before, but they're not going to be in the classroom we're not going to have that face to face contact in the same way we've had before," said Mary Eldredge-Sandbo.

Secretaries and school principals contacted roughly 500 families in the district to make sure they would have necessary tools like computers and internet before online classes began.

Superintendent Christopher Bachmeier says the school worked with families to get them access for necessary tools for distance learning.

"We surveyed what are the needs of our students. And luckily for our district we had roughly five or six families that didn't have internet. We sent them up with our technology director, got them in touch with SRT to get them up and get them running," said Bachmeier.

The School also loaned out more than 50 Chromebooks for students to take home to use for their classes, But the transition is expected to take time.

"We are making it so they can get online at any time, but there's also times when our teachers are going to be available to them. So that's going to be the hardest transition for our kiddos," said Bachmeier.

Making school happen, in and out of the classroom.

Bachmeier says the school has prepared for three weeks of classes online, but will adjust their plans as needed.