Bismarck road crews prepare for winter road conditions

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Nothing too eventful in today's weather, outside of a few sprinkles, but it's what's on the way that has Bismarck and other cities bracing for a taste of winter.

The Department of Transportation is preparing for widespread snow in the coming days.

Crews are getting plows ready and preparing a brine mixture to treat the roads.

Those who maintain the roads know how quickly things can change in the state.

"Well it's North Dakota, today we're out sweeping leaves tomorrow we'll probably be out plowing," said Keith Glass, Bismarck roads and streets maintenance supervisor.

The DOT and Bismarck public works are expecting the first significant snowfall of the season. Warm surface temperatures could make for messy road conditions. Accumulating snow or icy roads are possible.

"Ice on the road is our biggest problem because then we need to apply salt to cut the ice off," said Glass.

Public Works is preparing a sugar beet brine and DOT says they'll salt roadways if conditions call for it.

"We definitely use salt I think we probably use less than a lot of neighboring states, I can't tell you that for sure," said Dean Schloss, Bismarck maintenance coordinator.

But neither would be opposed to less snow fall than last year.

"I hope we skip winter this year, we had enough last year," said Glass.

Crews will be prepared either way.

Bismarck has 31 full time drivers on rotating 12 hour shifts during storms.