Demolition of old Burleigh jail almost done

BISMARCK, N.D. - Demolition of the old Burleigh County Jail in downtown Bismarck has been going on for more than three months. During that time, two water lines have broken, causing damage to the sheriff's department.

Burleigh County Sheriff Pat Heinert says they are almost 100-percent done, but there is some clean up needed.

He says the demolition has been a headache and they've had to shut down construction several times because of the noise. But there was nothing but silence Friday as the demolition site begins to wrap up before the remodel begins.

"I think they're pretty much done. A few maybe ceiling tiles, the hanger left to come out," said Heinert.

Water flowed into the computer server room from a broken line, but Heinert says fortunately not a lot was lost.

"We're in the process of rebuilding our servers and getting a whole new server system out of it, so actually the other end of it is pretty good I think," said Heinert.

And plans for construction continue.

"I was hoping to get this done before I left at the end of the year, before my term was up, but I don't think that's going to happen. I think the next sheriff is going to end up finishing this,” said Heinert.

He says construction isn't expected to finish until February of 2019.

Heinert says the sheriff's department might have to be relocated for a few months during the summer while construction on the north side of the building is being done.

He says the bids for the remodeling will be presented to county commissioners in May.