Democratic-NPL candidate for Gov. Marvin Nelson visits Williston

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WILLISTON, N.D. - Democratic-NPL candidate for Gov. Marvin Nelson was in Williston earlier 6/12. He spoke with city leaders to find out the issues that locals feel need to be addressed.

He told us he felt the special session of the State Legislature wasn't as productive as he would have liked and that infrastructure upgrades need to be made state wide. Despite the fact that Republicans have held the governor's office for the last 24 years, Nelson thinks he has a shot to change that.

"This state's not that red. Show me one poll that would say a majority of North Dakotans identify as a Republican. I've never seen one. This is not a red state. This is really a state of many vary independent-thinking people," said Nelson.

Nelson went on to say he is hoping to schedule between five and seven debates with other candidates before the election. He will take on Republican Doug Bergum and Libertarian Marty Riske in November.