Democrat Kylie Oversen to run for ND tax commissioner

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Democrat Kylie Oversen has announced her campaign for North Dakota tax commissioner.

Oversen is a former member of the state legislature representing Grand Forks, but lost her re-election bid in 2016.

Oversen says she is running for state tax commissioner because she wants to influence tax policies that she says have taken the state from a billion dollar surplus to a deficit in just three years.

Oversen is the first challenger to incumbent Ryan Rauschenberger, who announced his re-election campaign in January, despite pleading guilty to DUI last fall.

“He's dealing with challenges and that's on him to be able to address those things personally, and I hope that he does. As one person to another I hope that he can address the problems he's dealing with, but I think it's more important that we talk about what our vision is for the office of tax commissioner and mine is vastly different than Ryan Rauschenberger’s,” said Oversen.

Oversen also addressed the challenges of running statewide as a Democrat in North Dakota; she says she's not afraid and looking forward to the challenge.