Delta attempts to suspend its Williston flights

Published: May. 28, 2020 at 7:46 PM CDT
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The USDOT made a tentative decision to allow Delta Airlines to suspend all flights going to and from Williston’s airport.

Before the pandemic, there were five daily flights leaving Williston, with an anticipated increase to seven in June. The XWA is currently operating with one flight per day by both Delta and United Airlines.

The CARES Act requires airlines to operate at least three days out of the week at existing airports, so Delta asked for an exemption from several, including the XWA due to decreased passenger numbers.

The City of Williston, with support from federal and state legislators, submitted comments to the USDOT Thursday telling them the impacts the exemption would have.

City of Williston Airport Director Anthony Dudas said, “It’s troubling to see continued reduction, and it just makes it that much more challenging for our community’s economy and our state’s economy, and the oil and gas industry to rebound.”

Dudas says they expect a final decision from the USDOT on Delta's exemption by Friday or next Monday.

United Airlines also announced it will be reducing operations from seven to four days a week starting June 1.

Dudas said passengers who booked United Airlines flights that don’t land on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday will be notified of scheduling changes.

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