Delivery companies keep on trucking through higher demand, bad weather

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BISMARCK, N.D.- Sending Christmas through the mail this year? You might want to get that package or letter to Santa out early because the couriers are expecting a major increase in deliveries.

UPS estimates they will send out 750 million packages, up 7 percent from last year. FedEx expects between 380 and 400 million packages. The U.S. Postal Service anticipates a 10 percent increase with more than 15 billion pieces of mail.

North Dakota's couriers like, Cross Country Freight Solutions say the snowy weather offers some unique challenges for drivers tasked with bringing Christmas to your doorstep.

Rod Schwartzbauer loads his truck with the pallets he needs to deliver, just as he's done for the past 25 years. Sun or snow, he grinds out deliveries.

"It's challenging sometimes when you get on icy roads and know you've got to do it again the next day,” said Schwartzbauer.

Eric Beeman the vice president of Cross Country Freight Solutions says the trucks are filled with different products at this time of year.

“Alot of the retail stuff that comes out. Most of the year we have ag stuff and so it helps keeps us balanced during this time,” said Beeman.

When Rod delivers- to a warehouse or your house- he says he's happy to know that Christmas will be coming to you.

"Just happy to make their day when they see their gift coming and they know it's going to make it in time for Christmas for their family,” said Schwartzbauer.

In the sun or the snow, Eric says they will do all they can to get your packages to you on time. The Bismarck location sends about 200 shipments a day and makes more than 10 trips per day between deliveries and pickups.