Daycare shortages rise in Williston

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WILLISTON, N.D. - No matter where you live, finding childcare can be difficult. In Williston, working parents are having an especially tough time because of the shortage of licensed daycares.

"We have potentially 3,800 children in Williams County that possibly need childcare. Right now we only have about 150 licensed spots for children," said Kathy Molland, foster home and daycare licenser for Williams County.

With the low number of daycares available, and those already full to capacity, some parents have no choice but to stay out of the workforce.

"It affects their job and for some people they lost their jobs because they don't have proper daycare for their children so it's an economic development problem for the whole city and the county," said Molland.

For those who have been considering opening their own daycare, Molland says Williston Economic Development has a childcare assistance program to help potential providers.

“It's for people that are interested in starting up their own daycares either in their own homes or in a facility," said Molland.

It gives parents the opportunity to watch their own children and earn money, as well.

To find out more about getting licensed as a daycare provider or to find childcare in your area you can go to