David Mbulu sentenced for attempted murder

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WILLISTON, N.D. - David Mbulu was sentence of 40 years in prison with 10 suspended for attempting to murder a woman in January 2015.

"I failed her," said Mbulu. "I failed so many people. I failed my family. I failed everybody that depended on me. I had so many things that were going for me, I mean the state will choose not to portray me that way, but I am a human being. I can do better. I can be rehabilitated. I can be someone who can be successful in society."

The state asked for a longer sentence of life in prison, while the defense requested a manifest injustice. They asked for 10 years in prison with another 10 suspended. But the court didn't agree.

"Due to the nature of these offenses and due to the circumstances behind them, I don't find that there's no hope for you, but I do find that you are in need, not only of the treatment, but of the punishment for your actions," said Northwest Judicial District Judge Joshua Rustad.

Mbulu must undergo anger management and sex offender treatments, register as a sex offender and not have any contact with the victim. Mbulu intends to appeal the ruling.