Dave Matthews visits Standing Rock schools for arts program

FORT YATES, N.D. - Art can play a role in any school subject. That's the message teachers are spreading to students in Standing Rock. It's also the reason a well-known musician stopped by the schools.

The Turnaround Arts program is the reason why art projects are displayed throughout the hallways of Standing Rock elementary school. It's also the reason why internationally known artist Dave Matthews of the Dave Matthews Band is visiting the school.

It was a day of learning and fun. Dave Matthews making another trip to schools in Fort Yates. He's a mentor in the Turnaround Arts program, a national organization focused on incorporating arts into schools. The program is in its third year at Standing Rock, and teachers are using different art forms in their classes.

“When we read a story, you know they have like a maracas or they have sounds that they can do it to make them more intriguing and more interested in the story,” fifth grade teacher Kolette Medicine said. “And that will help them comprehend the story better than to just read the story and hear my voice.”

Medicine says she's excited the kids have an opportunity to meet Matthews.

“I'm really thankful and I'm excited that the kids get to experience that because it might be the only one that they meet and I want him to see the passion you know that we have our kids, our future doctors in here in our class,” Medicine said.

Matthews spent time visiting with middle school students as well.