Dan's garden: Hydrangeas and day lilies

BISMARCK, N.D. - Dan is going to talk about Hydrangeas and Day lilies.

These flowers are still in bloom and will bloom till late in the year and very easy to grow and care for.

It’s a fun day to talk about things in the garden because these plants I’m going to mention have been blooming for about a month and a half, and they will bloom till the end of September.

These are Hydrangeas one of my favorite families of plants. There is Incrediball which is something new.

And white It’s like Annabelle which is a big beautiful white Hydrangea these are end of summer that will stay blue you might have to add aluminum Sulfate one or twice a summer. And, they are easy to grow on the south side or east side of the house or where ever it’s sunny and hot where you need to mulch them heavily.

Also another plant that’s growing a lot now and blooming all the time are the day lilies.

We call them hemerocallis you call them day lilies, because hemerocallis means beauty only for a day.

The flowers last only a day or two but them bloom all summer and you can even eat the flowers. And so if you want a lot of color and you want something that’s easy to grow.

Try day lilies and hydrangeas. Until next week good gardening.