Dan's Garden: Tree Plant Program

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BISMARCK, N.D.- If you’re thinking about planting trees in your boulevard this fall in Bismarck or Mandan or Lincoln, there’s a great program we participate in called partners in planting where you can get a rebate from each city.

Bismarck, Mandan or Lincoln, you can get $50 maybe up to $80 per tree and up to $500 per property.

This is free money plus the trees are on sale and it’s a perfect time to plant you can plant them or we can plant them.

Whether you plant Maples like this beautiful one behind me that’s turning red and orange, or Hackberries or Lindens or the new Elms that are so hearty. Even ornamental trees like the flowering trees like Flowering Crab or Japanese Tree Lilac. Whatever you plant you can get a rebate.

Polus they are on sale. So think about planting trees in your boulevard. We can get the permit for you it’s free.

The city will come out and mark a spot on the boulevard or spots where the trees can go with white paint and you can get your trees with big savings so when you think about planting, think about the rebate and partners in planting until next week good gardening.