Dan's Garden shows us a splash of color

Published: Jul. 20, 2018 at 4:15 PM CDT
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Dan Cashman takes us on a tour of his garden in this week's Dan's Garden

It’s the middle of summer. Middle of July. Best time of year for color.

Look at the Hydrangeas and how beautiful they are with their big white flowers.

This is the front of my house on the west side of it. I got some Cult Birch here to break the heat and the sun a little bit.

But the Hydrangea can take sun or shade. Super plant.

Also, I’ve got Hostas. Many varieties. Probably thirty different kinds here.

I’ve got green and the yellow the white and the green. Many different ones with their big nice flowers.

They love a little sun. They love a little shade. They are looking really really good now.

Also Bleeding Heart. They’re done blooming but I’m going to prune them a little bit for size and shape and I’ll get a secondary bloom out of them in a couple weeks. And.

How can you beat the Impatience. Red and white. It might be an annual but they are great color all the time.

A little sun a little shade they’re a super plant.

So enjoy the color now.

Our tip for the week is Blossom Set.. Use it on your tomatoes or your Zucchini. Your squash if you’re getting flower on your plants and not getting tomatoes yet.

Give them s pump of Blossom Set. It works.

A lot coming up on the traveling garden.

But, until next week good gardening.