Dan's Garden: pruning your shrubs

BISMARCK, N.D. - This is the perfect time to prune your shrubs. The month of July. Now before the end of the month. Dan shows us the right way to do it.

Now that it is the middle of July it’s a great time to prune your shrubs.

For a little bit of correct size and shape. And some plants like this Dwarf Amber Maple Shrub even those they don’t get huge.

They need a little steering maybe they are getting a little tall or a little wide and you can cut them back now and some old plants like

Lilac’s you can cut some of the old canes way down low and renew them.

But, plants like Porentillas and Spireas bloom off and on all summer and so do rose bushes and you can trim those now also too. And, another good thing now is fertilize your plants. Fertilize your shrubs one more time it helps them stay healthy and have a lot of growth and a lot of color.

But, now you’re your garden plants like your tomatoes of course and your veggies keep fertilizing right till labor day.

Next week we are going to talk about pruning evergreens and Arbor Vitas and Junipers.

So, in the meantime keep watering and good gardening.