Dan's Garden: prepping for spring

Published: Apr. 26, 2019 at 5:18 PM CDT
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Planting has begun in the garden and time is running out to get your lawn and garden ready for the summer months.

Dan goes through what you need to do to have a great growing season.

Last week we prepped the garden and we rototilled our soil amendments like peat moss gypsum that loosens up the soil and 10 10 10 fertilizer to feed our plants.

And we planted some seed potatoes and we are going to plant more.

Also, we make a paper plan to know what we are going to plant and where we are going to put it. This week we are to plant the cool season crops like radishes, onions, lettuce and spinach; and all those things we can plant now and let them start coming up.

There are couple things we can be doing now for your trees and your lawn.

Number one is there is a horticultural oil you can spray on your apple trees, hackberries and some maples that get those galls on the bottom of your leaves caused by a mite.

You can spray it on the twigs now that the insects are dormant, when they hatch they get smothered by the oil.

Also, soon the flowering crabs will be blooming and some people will complain about crab apples falling off. There is a fruit eliminator that you can spray them when they are blooming.

Step one on fertilizing your lawn is to use a broadcast spreader, which prevents crabgrass and 68 kinds of weeds. The time to do it is now with the soil temperature is about 50 degrees.

Until next week good gardening.