Dan's Garden: planting your garden

BISMARCK, N.D. - This week we are getting asked a lot if it’s too late to plant a garden and it is not and I’m planting the rest of my garden now.

The soil tempura is nice and warm ready to be planted I make my little paper plan so I know what I’m growing and where in putting it.

And remember when you get your plants in you got to do three things.

You got to weed it you got to feed it and you got to water it.

I like to use miracle grow the water soluble or the 10-10-10 which I do every three weeks. I like to harden my plants off when I take them out of the green house.

Don’t plant them right away give them two or three days outside or in your garage halfway outside so they toughen up harden up because we might get a lot of wind and heat.

I love these new tomato cages because they are so easy to store and put away and we want to give support to our plants so they get up to the sun.

Next week we are going to talk about small ornamental trees that will be blooming all summer until next week good gardening.