Dan's Garden: insect problems

BISMARCK, N.D. - Every year we start getting a lot of insect problems and bugs on our ornamental trees and shrubs and this year is no exception.

Right now we have got some tent caterpillars that are starting to show up here and there.

Some people call them tent worms. And this happens to be on a flowering crab tree.

There’s ways to treat it there’s one easy way. Thuricide which is a natural way to kill the insects, and you can use other things to like including this systemic insecticide.

Also, there’s aphids showing up on different kinds of shrubs dogwoods viburnums

Different things like that and usually you see the leafs cupped and curled like that.

You can also use an oil spray on it or you can use a systemic spray like for the crab apples or the plum trees.

Also a lot of people are getting flowers on their tomatoes but not many tomatoes.

This bloom set really works.

You spray it on the flowers. Give it a couple of pumps and you get a lot more tomatoes.

You can use the same product on your zucchini on your squash on your cucumbers everything.

And, it kind of pushes along the pollination going.

So, a few tips from me and until next week good gardening.