Dan's Garden: container gardens

Published: May. 3, 2019 at 10:29 PM CDT
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You can plant a garden even if you live in an apartment. Container gardens are easy to grow.

I like the cool weather and especially like the rain that came with it. But the cool weather slowed our growing season down a little bit.

It’s not too late by any means to put our step one lawn fertilizer on now. It prevents crab grass and many other kinds of weeds. So get that done, you've got time.

Also, some trees might get these tent caterpillars, or web worms, later on in June or July. There is a dormant oil spray that you can spray on now puts a film on twigs and branches, and as the eggs hatch they smother and you don’t get those nasty web worms.

A lot of people still haven’t planted the cool season crops, like your sweet potatoes and onion sets, and their carrots and their root crops. That can be done now.

But some don’t have a garden, but maybe they wanna grow things in containers. So I make sure I have pots with good drainage in them in the bottom, got to have drain holes. I use a good, high quality potting soil that's nice and lose, and pliable. And I also like to be able to grow my vegetables and flowers, or whatever, in these pots. You can put them on your deck patio on your condo and bring nature close to you.

It is Arbor Day, May 3. It’s Arbor Day in North Dakota. It reminds me to plant a tree for somebody that is deceased, or a birthday, or an anniversary, or just plant a tree in your yard.

So happy Arbor Day everybody, I hope these tips help you a little bit.

Until next week, good gardening.