Dan's Garden: Winter plants

Published: Nov. 30, 2018 at 9:22 PM CST
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The Christmas season is here and this is the one time of the year you can really decorate your house inside and out.

If you’re going to put your Christmas tree up, make sure it’s nice and fresh and clean. Pull on the needles, make sure they don’t come off, they are nice and firm, and make a fresh cut on the bottom so they drink water.

Also, you can put spruce tops in pots outside your front door or on your patio and they’ll last and last until April or May. It's a great way to have more winter green color around you.

All these seasonal plants are really really good now, especially Poinsettias. They bloom with the shorten day and we are in about the shortest day of the year right now. I like to water them every three or four days. I take them out of the foil, I water them in the sink, I let them drip dry for a couple of minutes and I put them back in the foil so they’re not sitting in water.

Christmas cactus are very popular, maybe only water them once a week. And I love Cyclamen, many colors and they will bloom for months.

So, many different things you can do. You can even take some Pine Bows and Balsam Fir bow and make some nice decoration for your center pieces or your mantle, and it’s the one time you can really decorate.

I hope you liked all the tips we gave you for the garden and for Christmas all year long. And Christmas is coming, it’s time to decorate.

Until next year, good gardening.