Dan's Garden: When to pick apples off the tree

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BISMARCK, N.D. - There are a lot of varieties of apple trees out there and you have to have patience when you want to start grabbing them off the tree.

Every day Cashman Nursery get a lot of calls on when we should pick apples, and there are summer apples fall apples and winter apples.

Summer apples are from about Aug. 20, until the next couple of weeks, pick them like Beacon Duchess, state fair, things like that.

Then there is the fall apples like Sweet Sixteen, also Wealthy and some of those, and those will keep until about Christmas.

Then there is the winter apples like this Connell Red here I planted when my daughter Genevieve was born. That one we pick about the middle of October. Also, the other ones like Haralson and Honey Crisp, Harold Red and Fireside.

So, let them hang and then pick them , because they get sweeter and sweeter and sweeter.

Some years you have more apples then others. Why? Maybe they need some trimming. We have a great hand out on our website cashman-nursey.com

And, if you thin your apple trees out a little bit every year you won’t have many apples, but they will be bigger and better quality and won’t be such a strain on the tree And they will bare more regularly.

So, on the winter apples stay back a week or two or three, and let them ripe and until next week good gardening.