Dan's Garden: Watering in the fall

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BISMARCK, N.D. - This week Dan shows us what is going on with our pines trees. Some of them are shedding brown needles. Should you water them? Actually, it is from growth three years ago.

One question, we get a lot this time of year is why do my pine trees have all these brown needles in the inside, And why do other things like Arborvitaes seem to be turning brown inside, are they dry or what? Not really, but it is a reminder to me to water.

They are going to do it anyway but these needles live for three years.

Here is 2017 here is 2016 2015 is falling off that’s the end of their life cycle.

So, it reminds me to water. They should be watered well into the fall anyway so the buds don’t dehydrate.

So, they come thru the winter really well.

These beautiful evergreen, these arborvitaes have flat leafs wither if its Pyramid arborvitae.

Or Techny Arborvitae or Globe Arborvitae and they too are losing their inside leafs because it’s the end of their third year of the cycle, so it’s the reminder to me to water. Let’s say the 10, 20, and 30 of October.

Put them to bed wet, water all your shrubs, all your perennial’s every once in a while in the fall.

Just in case we have an open winter. And remember those bad storms we had before New Year’s and these trees with all the multiple tops kind of got spread out ruined the shape. We tied these back together and their beautiful now, and if you haven’t done that it’s not too late.

It’s just another tip from me and until next week good gardening.