Dan's Garden: Warm weather planting

Published: May. 30, 2020 at 7:12 AM CDT
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Warmer weather is here and time to plant the warm weather plants and flowers. Dan Cashman will give us some tips on what to do.

Dan Cashman: "Now we are in the warm temperatures, warm nights, it looks like it’s safe to plant what we call the tender season crops: like plants that come out of the greenhouses, like tomatoes and peppers and cucumbers and all the pretty flowers.

All those plants that don’t want to have a frost so it’s time to do that.

There is also a lot of things going on in the yard. A lot of dandelions are out now it might be time to spray.

Two four D or broad leaf weed killer. It’s a good thing to clean up yards now if we all want the nicest yards.

And also, there are a lot of people complaining about insect problems on their apple trees, maybe use a fruit spray like this. You can hang the apple maggot traps in the trees in another couple weeks or so according to NDSU and you can catch them.

They’ll stick to the little apple here and catch the bugs.

Also it’s time to plant rows of flowers like marigolds. They will repel a lot of insects in the garden. They are not out in full force but they will come.

And remember keep feeding your plants every three or four weeks maybe with a vegetable food or ten ten ten.

I like to scratch it in and every time you water and every time it rains they will get more food.

A few tips of things to be doing now. Plant those warm season crops and until next week good gardening."