Dan's Garden: Using pots, planting beds through winter

Published: Oct. 19, 2018 at 7:33 PM CDT
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We had our winter freeze and our pot and planters are empty. But Dan Cashman from Cashman Nursery shows us you can have color in them all winter.

Well fall is one of my favorite times of the year. Right now you can take your pots and your planting beds that used to have flowers all summer, and now that we had a freeze, lots of freezes, they are all dead, so why not make those pots and flower beds look great again with some spruce tops and maybe some Red Twig Dogwood. A lot of people even add birch poles to their pots just to give you a nice touch of color. It will last until probably the middle of May then you’ll pull the spruce tops out throw them away and plant your flowers again next year.

We got these beautiful spruce that are two to three feet, or you can get these four or five and six footers and put the red twigs in for a little color. Some people have Christmas lights, some people add other ornament’s and decorations like garland, and the birch gives you great color contrast: you have the green, you have the red, you have the white working together. You can put them on put them on your decks, near your front door, your patio, and even in the planters along the house. So, it’s a great way to keep nature with you all winter. Why have the pots only look good in the summer? So now you can make them look good for the next five months, at least.

So, it’s just a little tip from Cashman Nursery. So until next week, good gardening.