Dan's Garden: small space, big garden

Published: Aug. 17, 2018 at 8:16 PM CDT
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We have another treat for everybody. I’m on Avenue D in Bismarck at Jeff and Diane Kappel’s yard. This is Diane and LuLu her little doggie.

Diane, you have the neatest yard. I call it little different rooms of all the different rooms of all the things you’ve done tell us what you’ve got.

Diane: Well let’s see, over here we got the Sumac tree, that’s our newest addition to the tree family here. And a rose bush and a couple of flax that are blooming still. And of course our cocoa.

Cocoa beans. Yeah, the cocoa mulch it doesn’t blow away, right?

Diane: Right.

Because you have it on bare ground, and that keeps it bind to the ground. And the roses are the hearty ones from Canada so you don’t really have to cover them up.

Diane, lets walk to another one of your rooms outside near the house and this beautiful arbor has nice ivy on it. This is such a neat place. I just love it.

Diane: We do love it. We have dinner here every night.

And I bet you have breakfast. It’s a great coffee place and the vines all over make this fence alive. And you’ve got the nice trellises, and the iron work, and the little sun, and everything is just full of life.

Diane: And even an Englewood Ivy over here.

Yes, and that very pretty; vines growing everywhere.

I like this so much, can I comeback next week?

Diane: You sure can Dan.

We are going to show you more ideas then.

So until then, good gardening.