Dan's Garden: Public garden rentals

Published: Aug. 16, 2019 at 4:32 PM CDT
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Once in a while I like to say that I'm an outstanding man in the field, a field of corn this time. The corn is taller than I am.

And I'm at Tatley Park on South 19th, which is Airport Road in Bismarck. And this is a place rent gardens from the city. There's other places in Bismarck and Mandan and all of the state that you can do that. So if you're thinking about gardening next year and you don't have a place, sign up and see what you can do.

The corn is looking good, everything's a little bit later this year because it's been cool and wet in April, May and June. I like the way they've got the grass clippings here on the ground to keep the weeds from growing. These beans are looking good, really nice.

I like the vertical gardening here. These are cucumbers growing up on these fences, or trellises, and that way you can get even more things growing in a small space because remember you need sunlight and a lot of air moving. And I like the vertical gardening.

The watermelon here are bigger than bowling balls and there's a lot of them in there. And there's many, many tomatoes that are coming on. Things are really starting to get ripe now. And I do think things make up for lost time sometimes.

So, next week we've got a real treat. We're going to have beautiful zinnias and dahlias the size of dinner plates and it'll be a fun one to watch so stay tuned then.

And until then, good gardening.