Dan's Garden: Plants that can take the heat

Published: Aug. 10, 2018 at 3:04 PM CDT
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Well, our traveling garden is once again at Janelle’s house on north Mandan Street in Bismarck.

Perennials mainly Peonies Autumn Joy Sedum, wonderful Bird of Paradise; the flowers look like birds all the color but also the mulches tell us what you did here.

What I wanna do here is going to end up mulching. All of this I use both rock and mulch. The rock is better because of the heat.

I don’t wanna put everything in there that can take the hot hot hot and this is going to be mulch all the way down.

Keeps the plants cool, Keeps the moisture in and blocks the weeds quite a bit. Now you said this is a work in progress.

You are always working on it always adding and changing and I know you’ve made it bigger and bigger.

And there is always room for more expansion. But the variety and the color and the mixture, amazing.

Because you got Holly Hawks, You got Bee Bombs, That’s a treat for the bees. Super plants.

Love the hanging baskets. Thank you for letting us show your yard. Everybody you got lots of ideas I hope here and until next week good gardening.