Dan's Garden: Planting trees and shrubs

Published: Aug. 31, 2019 at 9:12 AM CDT
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Cool weather is a great time to plant trees and shrubs, and even better is the city will pay you to plant them. Dan Cashman explains in the weeks Dan’s Garden.

Dan Cashman:

There is a saying that fall's for planting and that’s really true because the weather is cooler now, and it’s a perfect time to plant trees and shrubs and evergreens. I’m on Thayer Avenue in Bismarck and these were planted in the fall about five years ago. These are some of the new elms that don’t get Dutch Elm disease and they’re very fast growing and hearty And being planted on a boulevard, there are programs in Mandan and Bismarck called Partners in Planting, where you can get up to $100 a tree back on a boulevard in Bismarck $50 a tree back on your boulevard in Mandan. And if you don’t plant on a boulevard, well you don’t get a refund, but they're all on sale now anyway and it’s a good time to plant, so it’s a good deal. There is a few rules and regulation you have to follow, but all you gotta do is call the foresters office or I’ll call them for you the permit is free. So the trees are on sale it’s a good time to plant and there’s money to come back to you can’t beat that deal so until next week good gardening.