Dan's Garden: Planting a hardy garden with color

BISMARCK, N.D. - Dan shows us plants that are very hardy in the garden. In sun and in the shade and all corners of your home. Easy to grow and so much color.

"Everybody wants color and we’ve been having it all summer long. And this will be going on another month or two.
Like these black eyed Susan’s that are so easy to grow. They love the sun they love being neglected.
It’s just a fun planet to grow where you need some color and no work.

Also there’s Hollyhocks. There’s short ones and there’s tall ones it’s not just the old fashion kind any more.
These are great because they bloom a long long time.

One of my favorite summer flowers is upright garden Phlox.

Trey bloom in July they bloom in August they bloom a long time they come in red deep red.

And pink and white and they are very hardy and it’s another very easy one for a sunny spot.

Also if you want some courser texture this is related in the cone flower family.

It gets tall but it kind of gives you some accenting and of course everybody loves purple cone flowers.

They are native in out pastures and it is a menstrual cure in helping building your immune system. And I just love the Russian sage. They don’t have to be the big ones.

It can be the baby blue jeans or the old fashion one that get 5 feet by 5 feet. And they are so easy to plant. You just dig a space pull them out put them in and they will be rooting really soon.

So, if you want a lot of color in your yard it’s just a few tips of easy things to grow.

Until next week good gardening."