Dan's Garden: Ornamental grasses

BISMARCK, N.D. - This week we wanna talk about even more color that you can have in your yard, and in your garden like these day lilies.

They bloom and bloom and bloom all summer and they’re easy they’re no work.

Feed them water them and they will give you many many years of satisfaction.

So many colors, red pinks white we have the Stella D’ Oro.

The Dwarf that blooms everyday all summer Happy Returns and Pardon me.

There’s so many kinds that it’s almost mind boggling.

But, they’re fun to grow because it has so much color.

Another one of my favorite plants are these ornamental grasses there are many varieties of these, too.

This one happens to be Carl Forester which is a very very hearty ornamental grass.

You leave the tops on all winter long and they sway in the wind and even if you get a little rain or sleet on them it looks like little little crystals on them.

There’s seeds are pretty all winter long and they don’t fall off and make a mess and fall all over. So the ornamental grasses are the rage. Everybody loves them they’re so easy to grow.

So a couple little tips on trying to get more color in your yard. And until next week good gardening.