Dan's Garden: Lilacs and Tomatoes

BISMARCK, N.D. - Our featured tree this time of the year Japanese Tree Lilac like I’m sitting under. They’re blooming all over north and south Dakota and Montana now.

They bloom for over a month they’ve been blooming a few weeks. They’ll keep blooming pass the 4th of July I just love them.

It’s probably our most popular tree that doesn’t get big they only get 20 to 22 feet high. They have big white flowers and they are just gorgeous now.

Also they are other trees that stay little too but I want to mention too about tomatoes plants. They are blooming with their little yellow flowers.
But they are not getting many tomatoes. I’m starting to get some but there is a product called Blossom Set.

That you can spray right on the flower and it makes them pollinate. I call it bees in a bottle. Blossom Set it really helps you bring on the tomatoes.
A little bit of a tip this week. So next week we will talk about more little trees like the Japanese Tree Lilac that gives you color in your yard.

Until then good gardening.