Dan's Garden: Lilac shrubs

BISMARCK, N.D. - This week Dan shows off the newest lilac shrubs and even a lilac shrub that bloom all summer long. Also a lilac tree.

They even have the smell we all love.

Everybody likes color and I like colorful shrubs that are blooming now and have been for a week or too. And they will be for a week or two as we continue to go thru June. Everybody loves the old fashion Spirea. Bridal wreath the call it. It has arching branches what a great plant. And Snowball Viburnum now in full bloom with their giant white flowers and there are other viburnum that are very hearty, too.

And, everyone loves Peonies too. Even if they never had their pink or red or white flowers. I love the Peonies because their foliage is so nice. And Lilac are blooming now. Especially the ones that are dwarf and compact like dwarf Korean lilac. Doesn’t get to big doesn’t need trimming. We grow dwarf Korean up on a stand this trunk. Very interesting plant and very east to grow. But the rage of the flowering shrubs is the Bloomerang Lilac.

Bloomerang blooms on and off all summer not just ones. They only get about five feet high and five feet wide. Don’t have to be trimmed. And easy to grow so lots of color.

Next week we are going to talk about the easy roses to grow so until next week good gardening.