Dan's Garden: Keeping your garden weed free

Published: Jun. 14, 2019 at 10:06 PM CDT
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Watering your garden is a must, but it also means more weeds. This week Dan Cashman from Cashman Nursery and Landscaping shows us what we can do to get rid of those weeds.

Our garden is up and growing, but so are the weeds.

It’s time now to deal with the weeds. I like to cultivate them with a hoe because it simulates the ground and it works in the fertilizer. But some people want to use something that blocks the weeds, like newspapers, old seed sacks will work, or the black poly or the fabric that I like, that lets the water go thru. But you can do that now to keep those weeds out.

Also, its time to feed those plants: we weed them and we feed them. Their hungry now and I like to use a complete fertilizer like ten ten ten miracle grow is good, it’s not as strong, it’s weak, you have to do it more often. But it’s the time to feed them right now.

Our plant of the week, there are three great plants now. Hawthorne trees only gets about fifteen feet high, they’re in full bloom, it’s a nice little ornamental tree.

Our shrubs of the week are peonies and hearty roses from Canada; they’ll bloom all summer. The peonies will bloom the next few weeks and they’re easy to grow.

We are starting a new segment that we call "Weed of the Week" and that’s dandelions and any broad leaf that’s wide like your finger nails or bigger. It’s time to spray them with 2, 4-D or with some general purpose weed killer, or something like that.

Next week we are going to talk about herbs in your garden that you can use to cook.

Until then, good gardening.