Dan's Garden: Keeping your garden green with drip irrigation

Published: Jun. 7, 2019 at 6:01 PM CDT
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With a great garden comes a lot of watering to keep it a great garden. Dan Cashman shows us a cheap and easy way to keep your garden green in the hot weather.

Water conservation, that’s what it’s all about now. We're all worried about our water bills, because in some areas water bills are going to go up and we are coming on to the hot days of summer

We want our garden to grow as good as we can. So drip irrigation is the answer. To do this you don’t need a plumber you don’t need an electrician we have a clock

That runs on double AA batteries their very inexpensive. We hook it on to our water source or spigot it runs thru our garden hose right out here to this corner and hooks onto this drip irrigation.

This comes in pieces 300 feet long you don’t have to get this much I hold this down with these staples so that it doesn’t move around. I’m up and down the rows of the lettuce and the carrots and the peas that are planted. I don’t waste any water

I don’t get much evaporation, because it all goes back into the ground and it’s a great way to make your plants grow good as they can economical as they can drip irrigation and water conservation that where it’s at.

This is Snowball viburnum, our shrub of the week there in full bloom now and they will be blooming for another two or three weeks. They also come in a shrub where the branches come out of the ground this is tree.

Also, the lilac are in full bloom and mock orange shrub that are very flagrant are about to start blooming. Next week we’ll talk about weeds and how to control them and until next week good gardening.