Dan's Garden: Japanese tree lilac

Published: Jun. 19, 2020 at 6:37 PM CDT
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Some smaller trees are blooming right now and are beautiful and smell wonderful. Dan Cashman has one that is a really great tree.

"We have a real treat for you again. Our traveling garden is at the Medical Arts Plaza right across the street from Mid Dakota Clinic in downtown Bismarck and I’m on ninth and East Avenue A and I’m right in front of this Japanese tree lilac in full bloom.

They’ve been blooming since about the 25th of May. They’ll bloom with their big big white flowers as big as soccer balls until about the 10th of July and they are very favorant and very beautiful a treat for the nose and the eyes..

This tree is native to eastern Siberia or eastern Russia it’s also north of China where they come from and they are very hearty, no maintenance. They don’t seem to get any bug problems. They don’t die back. They're hearty. They don’t have to be trimmed. They are just a natural tree.

If you’re looking for a tree that’s very pretty and easy to grow, weather it’s on your boulevard or in the yard: Japanese Tee Lilac would be a good choice.

There will be other trees that we will want to talk about in the next two or three weeks.

That is what we call ornamental trees that only get about 20 feet high, maybe five, and will be a treat to watch them.

So, until next week think about Japanese tree lilac and good gardening.