Dan's Garden: Getting ready for winter

Published: Oct. 26, 2019 at 7:01 AM CDT
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Time to put the garden to bed and start thinking about next spring. Dan Cashman has some easy tips to get your garden ready for winter.

"Well, it was certainly was a different kind of year for gardening. It was cool and wet most of the summer. I like the rain but it made it a little hard to get things done that’s for sure.

But now there are things to do in the garden to put the garden to bed for the winter. I like to clean all of my tools, maybe put a thin layer of oil on them and clean them up.

I like to run the gasoline out of my lawn mower first. I like to mow my lawn one last time, maybe leave it just a hair long so it catches the snow. And, I like to bag the leaves and I like to put my winterizing fertilizer

If you haven’t done that yet in your garden, get everything dug like your potatoes and things like that.

Bulbs, plant your tulips and crocuses. Daffodils, now they need a rest period they need to be planted only in the fall and then they’ll bloom next spring after a, I hope, very easy winter.

I love the spruce tops you can put those in your plants and in your pots right now where you use to have your flowers and then they’ll look good all winter long until about May 1 or so. A few things to do in the garden it’s been a great gardening year until next time good gardening."