Dan's Garden: Gardening in small spaces

Published: Aug. 24, 2018 at 10:46 PM CDT
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We are back again at Jeff, Diane and Lulu Koppel’s place on Avenue D in Bismarck and Diane, I love your coffee bar here tell me about what you got.

Diane: It’s a coffee bar now, but I actually use it to plant my plants in the spring.

That’s great love the palm tree. You got the theme of Mexico.

Diane: Yes we do, yep.

The flowers are everywhere; it’s the best use of small areas I’ve seen. Here you have your veggies carrots radishes.

Diane: Beets. Yep, my beets. And my tomatoes and a couple more carrots.

I love the little sink, so cute. Tomatoes, peppers.

Diane: Our little peppers.

It’s nice and sunny, otherwise what would you do? You made a great use of space. And here's Lulu’s little spot.

Diane: Little doggie park, yep. And a grape vine.

A grape vine, oh I love the grapes.

Diane, now we are on the Westside of your house. This is a nice little sitting area where you can go when its nice and sunny. You've got your beautiful petunias, different plants and the arbors, I love all the arbors. And this is a what, rambling rose?

Diane: The rambling red rose.

Climbing rose that’s beautiful.

Diane: Growing like crazy.

Love the arbors all the flowers, and great use of space. It’s just amazing. it’s been a real treat to be in your yard to see all the ideas and all the great things you did in so little room, so thank you very much.

Diane: Thank you Dan.

It was fun, so until next week, good gardening.