Dan's Garden: Farmers market season

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BISMARCK, N.D. - This week our traveling garden is on Airport Road at Tatly Park, the Capital Farmers Market where they meet Monday Wednesday Friday.

Selling all their veggies and fruit all Tuesday, Thursday and also Saturday and Sunday at the Kmart parking lot.

And I am talking to Darcy Dockter and you farm and have your veggies growing north of Dawson.

Correct. And tell me about the summer you started out ok in June

June was a great month. Lots of rain out there and perfect.

Five or six inches you say, but July not so good.

July it dried up and got hot and we watered every day.

Well I love the tomatoes you got a lot of different kinds.

Probably the nicest peppers I ever saw and you got beets and you got lots of different things. And last night you said you picked how many pounds of
Cucumbers 500 pounds of cucumbers. That’s amazing.

Now this is Aronia berries, we call them glossy black chokeberries it’s a shrub we sell.

But you are growing them but they are high in anti-oxidants and good for people right.

Exactly come out and buy those. We are going to see a lot more of that in the future. Because it’s a great health food it’s like blue berries only even better.

So Darcy thanks for being on the garden show and next week we’ll have more ideas, and good gardening.