Dan's Garden: Fall colors

BISMARCK, N.D. - Well now that it's officially fall, and fall is here we are starting to see a lot of changes in the trees and shrubs showing their fall colors and all the rain we’ve had has helped a lot, too.

So, some of my favorite things that are starting to turn right now is this big maple behind me.

Sienna Glen Maple. It’s a wonderful tree with fall colors fast changing and the Sugar Maples are turning all over now, and getting to be their nice great color. And, that is going to go on for the next three or four weeks.

Also this is Amber Maple the dwarf Amber Maple shrub and there is a tree version that only gets about twenty five feet high. And they are very hearty here and they’re turning red now.

Burning Bush one of my favorite plants.

It’s a Evonymus we call it. Burning Bush. And they are just great. It comes in a regular size that gets seven feet or a dwarf that gets four.

Dogwoods are turning red.

Sumacs are turning red.

Spireas are turning red.

Barberries are turning red.

And, of course right now it’s one of the best times of the year if not the best to plant your tulip or other bulbs and peonies. And, the mums are great color too so if you’re thinking of fall color this what’s turning now. And, it’s a great addition to pick up a lot of color.

And until next week, good gardening.