Dan's Garden: Decorating with wreaths, classic poinsettias

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Christmas is coming, and it's a time of year we can really decorate our houses outside as well as inside.

A lot of people are putting up lights and wreaths near their front door and even in the house.

I like to get a nice fresh balsam wreath like this. I even soak it in the bath tub in cold water foe a couple of hours. Let it drip dry overnight and you can use in the house because that hydrating makes it last longer and makes the whole house smell good.

Some people like swags instead of wreaths maybe they put that outside or inside, and of course, I love the white pine roping you can put it on your dinner table for thanksgiving or Christmas they last a lot longer.

And, outside I use Balsam Fir because usually it cost a little bit less and you can put it over your front door or around your light pole.

Also, what’s Christmas without poinsettias they come in many colors and when your picking one out, and if you want it to last for months, make sure the true flower inside these red bracks or whatever color you get are nice and tight. The little beads. That’s the true flower and they will last a lot longer if they ate not to advanced.

They like moderately moist soil and pretty good sunlight.

So, these are just a few tips on decorating your house inside and out and makes the holiday season really great. Until next week, good gardening.