Dan's Garden: Covering roses

BISMARCK, N.D. - It's time to cover your tender roses. They are only hearty until about 10 degrees above zero so, I’m going to show you three ways you can do.

And they are not hard to do. First of all sprayed fungicide on this so the fungus doesn’t grow on the cane.

When they are buried and covered. Then I dig this trench and I’m going to lay my rose bush down in the trench I already cut it back

I’m going to bury it with dirt like this all winter and I’m going to mark it with a steak or something on each side.

So, I can find it next spring. Then I’m going to put a bunch of leaves on nice and deep six to eight inches deep.

Then I’m going to lay some branches and sticks on top so the leaves don’t blow away or a tarp.

A fast or easier way to cover your tender roses would be to cut them back to about.

Eight to 12 inches spray your fungicide put chicken wire around it nice and big and wide and fill it up with leaves up over the top. Some people use rose cones if it works for you I say do it.

My favorite way is with the leaves. Hearty roses from Canada that’s the easy way to do it.

They’re hearty they don’t need covering maybe water them in this fall put some leaves around them.

Next week we’re going to talk about spruce tops to keep your planters looking great all winter all the time

Until then good gardening.